LGBTQ Post Pack

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Promote LGBTQ Travel

This post pack contains 5 different designs you can post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to drive more demand for your services.

Based on the tourism industry data, the estimated market and impact of LGBTQ travelers is roughly $70 billion — and that’s in the U.S. alone. 

That is a pretty substantial amount of travel spend – is it on your radar to market to this audience? cites that within this community, 58% of adults were “more likely to purchase products and services from companies that market directly to gays and lesbians”.  A great point when considering where to put your marketing dollars.  The United World Tourism Organization data says that gay men average 3.9 trips per year, and lesbian women average 3.3, so targeted marketing efforts each quarter would fit the travel patterns.

There are now a number of places where LGBT travelers can be themselves and there are tours and cruises that cater to gay travelers.  Major cities like San Francisco, Washington, Los Angeles, and Chicago tend to be popular domestic destinations.  Internationally, there are still safety concerns to be aware of, specifically in destinations where there had been violence against gay people.

Fortunately, the number of locations where this is a concern is decreasing and the industry is seeing competition from a growing number of destinations and hotel groups.  There are tours around the world that support this niche group and major hotel chains like Hilton and Marriott have dedicated micro-sites and vacation packages. If this is a target market for you, there are many options!


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