Frequently Asked Questions

Every month you subscribe, you will be given two credits to use for the downloads of your choice.   If you would like to download additional selections, they are $20 each.

Each social media pack has 30 days of images and a document file with recommended text, and hashtags.  Simply post the images on your social media page, and copy and paste the text and hashtags.  We strongly recommend adding an offer from a relevant, preferred supplier before posting.  Don’t forget to add a call-to-action (phone number, email, website)!

Every newsletter comes with a download that includes all the text, images, and any video content we prepared for your newsletter.  Since so many agents use their own CRM or email tool to send communications, you are able to assemble this content any way you like.  We provide a link to a fully-prepared email for you to use as a reference, or you can use the content in your own design or template.  Be sure to add offers and promotions from your preferred suppliers in the middle or at the bottom of your newsletter, along with a call-to-action (phone, email, website, etc.)!

You are given two credits every month to use for two downloads, however, you can download additional packs for $20 each.  Simply add them to your cart for purchase.

The content will not be displayed until you Extract the files.  Once you click on the Zip file after download, be sure to select the Extract option in the top bar.  Once that is done, you can select the download file, and the contents will be available for use.